Interview - Alan Perkins


14th July 2013

Jester's Snooker Academy for all under-18 players was opened last month at the Riley's club in Leicester.

Alan Perkins is a development professional snooker coach and he offers coaching and advice to young people there. He lives in Leicester and he devotes to young beginner snooker players for many years. Alan is regarded as one of the top junior snooker development coaches and he belongs to Mark's close friends.

Alan and Mark

 Hi, Alan, tell me please, how long have you known Mark? How did you meet? What was Mark‘s start at the green table like?

Alan: I have known Mark about 17 years now, from when he first came in the club when he was 13 years old where I used to play. It was there that we first met, and I knew from the moment I first started coaching him that one day he could be a special player as I could never get him off the table, he would play for hours and hours, even at that age he seemed so dedicated.

Vladena: You were Mark‘s coach. I think that Mark was an extraordinary young player even then. Am I right?

Alan: Yes, you are right, Mark was a very talented youngster, but that alone doesn't guarantee success, Mark I think is one of the very few players who has all the attributes that make him a champion.

Vladena: Which Mark‘s qualities would you like to highlight?

Alan: Mark has many great qualities, the ability to never give in, his belief in himself even when he is behind, coolness under pressure, basically his overall temperament is second to none.

Vladena: You must be very happy watching Mark‘s professional career. How do you personally feel his achievements?

Alan: I can honestly say that watching Mark's professional career develop has been so amazing for me, thousands of hours of hard work and dedication have made him a star, I feel so privileged to have met and coached such a wonderful lad.

Alan and young players

You have devoted to young beginner snooker players in the Jesters snooker academy with Mark together. Who from your charges could be of the great promise for the future?

Alan: Mark and I wanted to start the academy with a view to giving all young players the opportunity to better their game, and hopefully one day some of them will become champions and follow in Mark's footsteps. Chae Ross, Callum Costello, Connor Rollo, Kieran Phillips, Joe O'Connor, Nathan James and Westley Cooper are the players improving very fast, and hopefully some, or all of them, with my guidance, can make it to the top.

Vladena: I am sure, that Mark inspired a lot of young lads. What would you like to say to those who are deciding about some sport and have the opportunity to come to the academy?

Alan: Any young players inspired by Mark, and I am sure there are many, who wish to join the academy must be prepared to work very hard at all aspects of the game, have a good attitude, and above all be totally dedicated. If this sounds like you, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you Alan and all the best.

Jester's Snooker Academy is located at this address:

Breakers snooker club,161a Belgrave Gate,Leicester
United Kingdom

Direct contact to Alan Perkins: 07896 823826











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