March 2012


8th March 2012

Vladimíra: Hi Mark, you returned home from Haikou World Open and at the end of March you are going to fly to China again to China Open in Beijing. You often travel by plane. The journey to China lasts about 12 hours.

How do you spend your time during the flight? How do you stand long flying?

Mark: Well its something that you have to get use to whether you like it or not!! Its part of my job as a professional sportsman. Fortunately I travel with Mukesh everywhere so It's always good to have a companion to spend time with, playing cards, scrabble or just watching movies on flight.

Vladimíra: You have been to Haikou for the first time. How did you like it? Did you have any free time to look at surroundings?

Mark: I got to the semi-finals and flew straight to Hong Kong, so unfortunately there was not enough time to look around Hainan, but its seemed nice!

Vladimíra: How long do you cope with time difference?

Mark: Doesn't seem to manage how often I travel, Its always difficult to adjust your bodyclock!!

Vladimíra: That's great you reached the semi-final of the Haikou World Open and you are holding super form. Chinese tournaments are accompanied by high temperatures and humidity. It has a big influence on your games. Is it true that tables were slower? How did you play? I think that it would be better to play in open-necked shirt, wouldn't it?

Mark: The problem is the humidity, Its so difficult to play in countries with a high humidity,
the moisture in the air gets into your cue and the table cloth, making both very damp and yes, slow. That's why I wore a glove, because your cue gets very sticky and there's no fluency in your cueing.

Vladimíra: I know that you like Indian cuisine. How do you like Chinese cuisine? What is your favourite Chinese dish?

Mark: Its OK, very fresh and good vegetables. I also like the steamed fish.

Thank you, Mark. All the best until next time.


Winner of the 2012 and 2016 UK Championship

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"Mark has a fantastic all-round game and can play any type of snooker."

Welsh Open champion 2008

The first ranking title.

Winner of the 2018 China Championship

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21. 5. Monika

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"Ever since I picked up a snooker cue all you want to be is world number one and world champion."

Masters champion 2008, 2010 and 2013

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"I've never played snooker for the money. I play because I love the game, and I want to win titles."

Winner of the 2011, 2012 and 2016 Paul Hunter Classic

2016 PHC - by Kušan


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MEDIA PARTNER OF THE 2018 & 2019 GBE, Guangzhou, China

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